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Make a plan and achieve your goals. Our coaches have over 10 years of experience in professional running. We offer personalized training for all runners based around your schedule and goals.

Coaching For Trail Runners - Running Downhill

Find out if coaching is right for you.

At Alpine Running Guides we want to see you succeed in your running goals.

Training Tailored to You.

The Alpine Running Guides coaching team strives to help you reach your running best. Whether you are brand new to the sport or looking to win your next ultra we are here to help. Each of the coaches at Alpine Running Guides has a unique set of skills and experiences to help you in your running journey.

Our coaching philosophy is simple: personalized coaching with frequent feedback. By striving to create the best training plan for each unique person we hope to help our athletes achieve their running goals. Frequent communication allows us to adjust the plan as life happens. From the start we aim to understand your goals and work with you to figure out how to get there. Your running history, career, lifestyle, and personality all play ongoing roles in the process.

Reduce Injury Risk

We also understand that there are commonalities across all runners. No runner enjoys being injured. All of our coaches will work closely with you to develop a training program that helps reduce injury risk, and will quickly adapt work loads if needed to keep you running consistently.

Our coaches are passionate runners themselves and collectively have experience in running on trails, pavement, track, and grass, from 800 meters up to 100 miles.

Read on to meet our coaching team, or email for more information.

Hi, I'm Forrest

Helping runners reach their goals is my passion. I love watching athletes improve and enjoy the process. I work hard to make sure training schedules are a sustainable part of a balanced life workload. I got my start on the roads and track, but love playing in the mountains!

  • USATF Level 1, NASM-CPT and CNC, Coaches Collective Certified Coach
  • Coached High School State champions, Beginning Road Runners, First Time Trail Runners, Mountain and Ultra Runners, and National Champion Triathletes
  • 20+ Years of Running Experience, including Collegiately
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Hi, I'm Jeff

I love working with trail runners who want to get the most out of their running; whether that's related to speed or having the most fun. I specialize in coaching trail runners and those looking to train for mountainous FKT attempts.

  • 17 Ultra Finishes, including 3rd (x2) at Run Rabbit Run 100
  • Ran Collegiate Track & XC
  • Professional Runner for On Running
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Hi, I'm Evie

I am a running coach who specializes in helping sub-ultra trail and road runners, as well as athletes returning from injury. I love incorporating strength work into my training plans.

  • DPT and CSCS
  • Le Grizz 50 Mile Winner
  • Kiawah Marathon Winner
  • 2:52 Marathon PR
  • 3 Years of personal training coaching
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Hi, I'm Erin

I train road and trail running and specialize in helping athletes run their personal best times at any distance.

  • Professional Athlete for Nike
  • 11 Time NCAA DI All-American
  • XC & Track Coach at University of Montana
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Hi, I'm Jenn

I enjoy working with athletes who are excited about testing their limits both on the road and trail.

  • The Rut 50k two time winner (2021, 2022)
  • Broken Arrow 50k Course Record Holder
  • World Mountain Trail Championships 46k 4th place & top American (2023)
  • 2x Lake Sonoma Trail Marathon Winner (2022, 2023)
  • UESCA certified running coach
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What ARG athletes are saying:

Testimonial Image

Keeps Me Injury Free

"I have been working with Alpine Running Guides for going on 3 years, during this time I have been able to PR in multiple races and tackle some races I never would have had the confidence to try without the guidance of Forrest! His knowledge and love for running keeps me motivated and his patience and level headedness keeps me injury free! I would highly recommend Alpine Running Guides for anyone who is looking to take their running and training to the next level."

Ashley M

Missoula, MT
Testimonial Image

Gave Me Confidence

“Trail running became a new passion of mine since moving to Missoula and when I was ready to train for an ultramarathon, Jeff was the perfect person to push me to reach my mileage goal each week. He helped me understand the importance of going easy on the easy days and hard on the workout days. I appreciated that he gave me confidence in my own ability and tailored the training plan to fit my lifestyle.”

Sarah K.

Missoula, MT

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