Evie Tate

Evie is a running coach who specializes in sub-ultra trail and road runners, as well as athletes returning from injury.

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  • DPT and CSCS
  • Le Grizz 50 Mile Winner
  • Kiawah Marathon Winner
  • 2:52 Marathon PR
  • 3 Years of Personal Training Coaching

Evie is a former Division One cross country and track runner turned trail and road runner of all distances. She moved to Missoula, MT in 2017 for physical therapy school and has not been able to leave since. After spending multiple seasons injured in college, the trails and beauty of Montana helped to re-ignite her love of running. Since making the transition out of the competitive collegiate world, she now enjoys spending long summer days exploring the mountains with her running partner/dog, Mozzarella. She is passionate about helping her athletes reach their goals, and doing it in a way that fits the demands of their lifestyle. She understands that training should not be stressful, but be something that you look forward to each day. 

As a physical therapist at Endurance Physio, she also understands the importance of recovery and strength training in addition to spending miles on the road or trail. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with additional knowledge and experience specifically related to strength training for the endurance athlete.  As a physical therapist, she knows what injuries are most common in endurance athletes, and understands that strength training is the best tool an athlete can use to make their body more durable. 

Evie has experience running road marathons and trail races anywhere from 15K up to 50 miles. She can help you meet your goal, whether it’s to get a new 5K PR on the track or finish your first ultramarathon.

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